Chapter 2 - A Brief Review of Clinical Neuroanatomy

Video 2-1. Right upper lumbar plexopathy due to psoas abscess following bladder surgery.
Video 2-2. Left femoral neuropathy following supracervical hysterectomy.
Video 2-3. Patient with prior caudal pontine (right > left) hemorrhage secondary to a ruptured cavernous malformation demonstrating peripheral CNVII palsy with decreased eye closure and blink on the right; right CNVI palsy with some degree of gaze difficulty to the right; upbeat nystagmus in primary gaze, worse with upward gaze; and left spastic hemiplegia.
Video 2-4. Central poststroke pain (CPSP) formerly known as thalamic pain syndrome of Déjerine and Roussy.


Video 2-5. Patient with taste disorder (dysgeusia) following a left thalamic infarction.
Video 2-6. Patient with right eye blindness due to old central retinal vein occlusion, and left homonymous visual field deficit due to a right occipital lobe infarction.