Chapter 10 - Examination of the General Somatosensory System

Video 10-1. Trigeminal trophic syndrome.
Video 10-2. Pain in the V1 distribution in a patient with history of zoster ophthalmicus.
Video 10-3. First bite pain following parotid surgery.
Video 10-4. Left radial neuropathy at or distal to the spiral groove.


Video 10-5. Pseudoathetosis and proprioceptive loss of the left upper extremity in a patient with right parietal hematoma.
Video 10-6. Positive Romberg test in a patient with a copper deficiency myelopathy.
Video 10-7. Cervical spinal cord infarction secondary to endovascular intervention on the left vertebral artery in a patient with prior posterior fossa infarcts.
Video 10-8. Follow-up of a patient with Brown-Sequard syndrome secondary to longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis due to neuromyelitis optica (NMO).
Video 10-9. Patient with syringohydromyelia associated with Klippel-Feil syndrome describing a L'Hermitte sign.